Ichimoku mainly works in garden design & creation, and in interior design and special construction projects requiring a gardener's perspective.
We are involved in all aspects of gardens, from gardens for private homes to landscaping for commercial facilities. However, we are also keen to extend our work outside this area, including collaborations with fashion and other businesses, art, and installations.
Through out collaborations with architects and developers, we have developed strong presentation skills, and use them to actively promote the role of gardens in an architectural context.

  • Landscape design
  • Garden design (CAD, 3D perspective renderings, presentations)
  • Garden landscaping and outdoor construction (large landscape, commercial space, private houses, condominiums, shops, etc.)
  • Civil engineering (retaining walls, foundation improvement, etc.)
  • Space production (installations, tearooms, stage design, etc.)
  • Management (maintenance, sterilization, weeding, etc.)
  • Other services (tea gardens, suikinkutsu garden features)

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