S Residence in Sakyo-ku
S Residence in Sakyo-ku

We created a residential garden each part of which has a special story.
For example, using the small garden "ogitsubo" in Kyoto Imperial Palace as a motif, we created gosho-no-tsubo with a single weeping cherry tree and Calicarpa japonica. In the norther garden, we created a green carpet with Ophiopogon japonica and planted camellias which bloom in winter. In satoyama-no-niwa, we used mountain plants. Next to it, we planted a 5-meter Japanese maple which can be framed by the window of a house. In a courtyard, we planted bamboos and green groundcover to provide evergreen scenery all year round.

  • Category : Residential
  • Location : Kyoto, Japan
  • Date : 2015
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