Yorozuya Honten
Yorozuya Honten

Yorozuya is a wedding venue, renovating a sake brewery in a city of Hase, dating from 1700s. In order to create a garden which preserves the culture of the place and make it relevant to the current use, we used a motif of taisho romance, reflecting the period Japanese culture dramatically changed with the influence of European culture. Using antique bricks to create a path which resembles a bridge going through white sand ground, representing water, we tried to create a symbolic path. Other side of the bridge is planting area with moss ground cover and pines which look like a couple and Cournus kousa 'Milky Way'.
Also, we created a garden with a Japanese maple which can be framed by windows of the building and reused kurama stone for entrance, which lends coherence to the overall look of this historic place.

  • Category : Zen Garden
  • Location : Kanagawa, Japan
  • Date : 2016
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