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庭園デザインをはじめ、ランドスケープ、空間デザイン、設計・施工を中心に、日本/大阪、スペイン/バルセロナを拠点に活動。庭師としてランドスケープや庭園の土地をリサーチ・読解することをベースに、デザイン・設計を進めプレゼンテーションをします。建築とは異なり、庭は1ミリ単位で図面を書くことができません。その為、微細なアドリブを可能とする施工まで行い、イメージとの差異を整えていきます。理想は庭師や職人が建築業界の中で地位が高かった時代に、数多くの名庭園を手掛けた作庭家 小川治兵衛。庭師の頭の中にあるイメージをデザイン・プレゼンテーションという形でシェアし、全国各地の庭師集団と共に造り上げていきます。

Based out of Osaka and Barcelona, 1moku specializes in garden design, landscaping, spacial design, planning as well as construction. As garden designers, we begin by gaining a deep understanding of the garden or landscape to establish a foundation from which we can create and present our design. Unlike with architecture, gardens cannot be mapped to the last millimeter. We make those fine adjustments and improvise where necessary to bring the garden closer to the ideal. We strive to rise to the level of landscape architect Ogawa Jihei, who created some of the most renowned gardens in an era when garden designers were held in high regard within architecture. We translate the ideas of the garden designers into presentations which are then shared and brought to life with a select group of experts throughout the country.

hirofumi sugaスガ ヒロフミ

artist / CEO
hirofumi sugaスガ ヒロフミ


Born in 1972 in Shakujii Park, Tokyo, Hirofumi Suga began his journey in landscape architecture at the age of 17. A year and a half later, after being enthralled by the beauty of Kyoto’s gardens he sought to receive training by the head garden designer at Ryoanji, only to be refused by the chief priest. By introduction from Ryoanji’s head garden designer, he was able to receive training at Kyoto/Jonangu Shrine famous for Kyokusui no En. Following roughly four years of training, Suga began his own career as a garden designer at the age of 22. From that time, he also began studying the art of tea ceremony and flower arrangement. Around the age of 30, design and planning job requests began coming in more often, and at the age of 44 he opened up his office in Barcelona, Spain. Currently, he works globally based out of both Japan and Barcelona.

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