Sakura-no-uta Healing Garden


Osaka, Japan


We created a healing garden for a mixed-use elderly care facility that, included day care, hospital care, and a nursing home. We approached this project with the aim that thegarden can contribute to the following goals: 1) residents can connect to each other; 2) residents can connect to nature; 3) residents can improve their lives. Seasonal plants help to stimulate forgotten memories through smell and touch and lead to reminiscence therapy. We also designed features to encourage people to exercise, such as planters that can be used by those in wheelchairs and a loop path for walk. This loop path is punctuated by alcoves with shaded benches, providing semi-private space for visitors as they spend time with residents. Experiencing natural light, smell of flowers, and seasonal changes connect residents to their past. Also growing plants together with fellow residents and harvest products create a new bond and hope. We hope that this garden can continuously provide the harmonious and stimulating integration among residents, for which the project calls.